Elite Scrims

Elite Customs

The largest Fortnite customs Discord server in the world. Join for daily practice, organized events and tournaments with cash prizes!

Our Socials
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    Stacked Customs

    We host Stacked Fortnite Customs every day in Elite Customs
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    Weekly Ladders

    You can get tournament-like practice in our weekly ladders, we host Console-only ladders too!
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    Money Cups

    Compete in our money cups for a chance to win cash prizes, all of them are announced on our Twitter!

Elite Customs

Our customs are stacked with the best players in the world, you can play with them and get better at the game! Elite Customs Banner

Elite Ladder

Our weekly ladders are the best way to get tournament-like practice, you can play with the best players in the world! Elite Ladder Banner

Elite Console

Our console-only ladders are the best way to get Console tournaments-like practice against only Console players! Elite Console Banner

Elite Creative

Our creative matchmaking and ELO system gives you a shot at insane prizes such as cash prizes, peripherals, and more! Elite Creative Banner

Elite Ladder NA

Our NA ladders are the best way to get NA practice against other NA players! Elite Ladder NA Banner